St. John's
Lutheran Church

610 Broadway St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

Worship Service: Sundays at 10:00 AM

The next day John saw Jesus come toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29)
Just as the apostle John and John the Baptist both pointed to Christ Jesus as the Lamb of God, so to does the congregation at St. John's. We are here to point to our Savior from sin. We are here to point to Jesus, the Word made flesh who made his dwelling among us. As we point to Him, we want all to know how he came to rescue all of us from sin, death and the devil. Please join us for worship on Sundays at 10 AM to learn more about Jesus and what he has done to save you!

St. Johns: Then & Now

At St. Johns, we are blessed to be celebrating 150 years of worshiping our Lord and sharing his message with Northeast Minneapolis. Along the way, we've had many members and even more memories. Here are some shared memories of those who have been with us over the past 150 years.
  I belonged to St. John’s junior and later the senior league.  We put on plays and did other things together.  After confirmation my friends and I had a Bible study up in the balcony. I absorbed the teachings of Christ by learning, talking and doing.  I remember when World War II came, the church membership was mostly women because so many of us men (including me) went off to war.​​
 – Fred Kroeger, St. John’s oldest member, birthdate November 8, 1918.
I remember years ago being a youth group adviser and particularly the special Luau supper we had which included Hawaiian food, hulas, a sing-a-long, etc.  It was a wonderful night of Christian fellowship.
     -- Margaret Johnson

I remember how dressed up everyone was for church services.  The men wore suits, ties, and hats the women gloves and hats.
     -- Pat Parker, former member,                    Suzanne’s sister.
My grandparents lived on Jefferson N.E. and attended St. John’s in the 1920’s.  Their sons, Mel and Richard, my uncle and father, were confirmed here.  As an adult, I was confirmed here, and my St. John’s membership is especially meaningful for me spiritually because of my family’s history at St. John’s.​ 
      -- Cheryl Curtis

I remember that the Youth League used to host one of the monthly church dinners just like the other church groups.  In the 50’s and 60’s, the young, single men including myself ushered at Sunday church services.  We wore gray sport coats bought for us by the church.  We felt important because we were helping our members worship God together. 
     -- Orville (Skip) Carlson, former St.         John’s member, brother of Suzanne.

On our St. John’s women’s softball team, I remember the laughter and love for one another.  It didn’t matter if we won the game—it mattered that we cheered each other on and supported each other, and I think Jesus would have liked that.
     -- Nancy (Johnson) Tudor, former                         member.

I remember from my childhood the sense of family and community at St. John’s.  Our parents’ involvement in church groups and friendships filtered down to us children.  Knowing my Grandma Fleming’s church group friends provided a St. John’s “history” for me.
     -- Suzanne Carlson

My family and I joined St. John’s a few years ago. We were pleased to discover a very welcoming and accepting church.
      -- Diane Hofer

I’ve belonged to St. John’s since I was six years old.  I was confirmed and married here.  Through the years I’ve seen many changes.
     -- Betty Claussen,
         birthdate April 26, 1929

I had the blessing of being part of True North Campus Ministry throughout my college career, first on the campus and then when we moved to St. John’s.  It has been so encouraging to see how St. John’s and True North have flourished after the two ministries partnered up.  I also think that being connected to St. John’s has helped me in my transition from college life to real life.  I’m excited to see how the two ministries will continue to work together to carry out God’s Great Commission.
     -- Emily Clark
I especially remember the men’s bowling team we had at St. John’s for several years.  We played other churches and had an annual bowling banquet usually at Jax Café or another northeast restaurant.  I really enjoyed spending this time with other men of the Christian faith.
     -- Norman Anderson, lifelong       member, birthdate May 3, 1924.

I remember when St. John’s had two church services, one in English and one in German. Sometimes I’d ask George Mueller, the church custodian, to help me with translation.
-– Marilyn Pidany, former church secretary

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